We love our volunteers!

We could use your help! We have several volunteer opportunities and projects you may be interested in.  Volunteer positions include docents for the Chinese Temple and the Pocahontas Native Plant Garden, office related work, tree propagation and planting, removal of non-native weeds, and coastal clean-ups and restoration.  

Join us for our Quarterly Volunteer Days in March, June, September, and December 2020. Fill out sign up form at the bottom of the page.

Reach out to us at our offices at (805) 927-2866 or email info@greenspacecambria.org

Share on Social Media

We also have a variety of social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You could do us a great service if you would like us, follow us and subscribe to our channel and share our information with your friends on various platforms!  

Thank you for all you do, seen and unseen to make the world a better place.

Coastal Cleanup Day

Each September, Greenspace volunteers join ECOSLO and groups all over the world to clean up our beaches. Last year, we helped clear 6,444 pounds of trash from San Luis Obispo County beaches! 

Globally, more than half a million people cleaned 18,399,900 pounds of trash from 14,997 miles of beaches. Coastal Cleanup is a great way to act locally while thinking globally. 

Please contact us for more information. If you would like to be a team captain next year, contact ECOSLO at info@ecoslo.org

Forest Restoration

Plant a tree! We have pine seedlings for sale in one gallon containers that you can purchase at our office. See our Home page for more details