A fundamental function of Greenspace – The Cambria Land Trust is to acquire, restore and protect environmentally important properties that are threatened by overdevelopment or neglect. To date, Greenspace has saved 16 parcels of land, permanently withdrawing them from development. These serve as wild areas, pocket parks, and cultural resources. The largest of these is Strawberry Canyon, a 21-acre wooded area with a walking trail and benches for enjoying the sights and sounds of the forest. 

Greenspace accepts gifts of environmentally critical land from owners who would like to protect it from development. We also purchase properties with the help of donors, landowners, government agencies and other conservancies. 

In both gift and purchase agreements, we include a requirement for a permanent maintenance endowment for the land. We restore our properties as grant and community funding allows, with the removal of non-native plant species and a certain percentage of dead trees, leaving snags for wildlife habitat, and planting healthy seedlings and native plants. If you are interested in donating or selling land to Greenspace, please contact us.


Creekside Reserve

Creekside Reserve

Open to the public. 1.7 acres at Center St. & Hesperian in downtown Cambria.

The scenic Creekside Reserve in the historic east village of Cambria lies along Santa Rosa Creek. The reserve harbors a fully restored Chinese Temple, part of the larger "Chinese Center" gathering place for Chinese immigrants who harvested seaweed and abalone for export to China or worked in the mercury mines in the Santa Lucia foothills. 

Fitzwater Canyon

Fitzwater Canyon

 Closed to the public. 5 acres at Pickwick & London Lane

Donated by Harold Fitzwater & Margaret Randall 

Sterling Forest

Sterling Forest

 Open to the public. 2/3 acre on Upper Ellis St.

Donated by Walt & Kate Sterling 

Strawberry Canyon

Strawberry Canyon

Open to the public. 22 acres at Kay Street & Burton 

Greenspace worked with 70 neighbors and donors to fund the purchase of pine and oak woodland in three parcels. Endowed by Greenspace and local property owners. Includes a great hiking loop and is open to the public daily.  

Pocahontas Native Plant Garden


Open to the public. 1/3 acre at Wilton & Burton. Donated by Allen and Jeanne Peters and endowed by the Land Ethic Action Foundation. 

The garden will be open on Saturdays from 1-3pm during September and October 2019. Beginning in November, the garden will be open on Sundays from 12-2pm.

If you would like to be a volunteer docent, call 805-927-2866 or email us at 



Chelsea park

 Open to the public.  1/4 acre at Chelsea & Brighton

Donated by Mary Alice Baldwin 


Dorking park

 Open to the public. 3750 square feet at
Dorking & Rodman

Donated & endowed by The Green Family 


Emerson park

 Open to the public. 6375 square feet at
Emerson North of Ardath

Donated by The Marshall Family 


Hillcrest park

 Closed to the public. 4725 square feet at Hillcrest & Sunbury

Donated by The Yamamoto Family 


Margate park

 Open to the public. 2500 square feet at
Margate & Burton Circle

Donated by The Gearhart Family 



Atwell St. and Windsor Blvd.

Donated and endowed by the Greenberg Family



Open to the public. 1635 Burton Dr. 

Donated by Milissa Iger


Warren Property

Open to the public. 1619 Burton Dr. 

Established with Greenspace funds


Marjorie park

 Open to the public. 3500 square feet at
Marjorie & Wallace

Donated & endowed by Robert Detweiller 


Pierce park

Open to the public.  3500 square feet  at
Pierce & Merlyn


California Quail at Sheffield park

Closed to the public. 8500 square feet at Sheffield & Cornwell

Donated by The Yamamoto Family 

Quail Hill

Quail Hill reserve

 Open to the public.  1/5 acre at Pineridge & Ellis

Donated by Top of The World Neighbors 

Wales Triangle

Wales Triangle

Open to the public. 1/4 acre at Wales & 

St. James

Donated by Greenspace, Lillian Gleischer, the Knight Family and The Archaeological Conservancy (TAC)



 Open to the public. 1/4 acre at Windsor & Atwell

Donated & endowed by The Greenberg Family 


New Acquisitions

Greenspace will continue to acquire properties that meet the criteria of special environmental value: creek frontage, wetlands or potential wetlands, forest that includes Monterey pine and coastal live oak and native understory plants, wildlife corridors, land of cultural and historical importance, and land to be maintained in agricultural zoning. We especially seek to add expand existing preserves, owned either by Greenspace or by another land conservancy or trust, through acquiring adjacent land. 

How to Donate or Sell Property to Greenspace

For information about land trusts and tax benefits, or to discuss a property donation or other acquisition transaction, please contact the office at 805/927-2866 or info@greenspacecambria.org