Show your support for Greenspace by purchasing items from our shop.  Show off the Greenspace logo on bags, hats, water bottles and more.  You'll be a part of helping us introduce the organization to new audiences and communicating our mission.  Or purchase merchandise that doesn't bear our logo, but was graciously donated by our supporters.  Any and all purchases directly benefit the organization.  All prices include CA sales tax.

Items can also be purchased at the office located at 4251 Bridge Street in Cambria.  We're the first door when you reach the top of the stairs above Linn's Easy As Pie Cafe.


Men of Cambria Cook Book


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Our most popular item! Enjoy delicious recipes from the “Men of Cambria Cook” book by Victoria Krassensky and Craig Loud which features recipes by Cambria residents. From main dishes and desserts to salads and sides, these guys love to cook. It showcases the culinary skills, favorite recipes, and varied lives of 27 multitalented and culturally diverse men who call this community home. 

Roasters, bakers, barbeque specialists and exotic drink mixers — the talented cooks are also fascinating people. They represent the arts, industry, technology, biology, the military, architecture and ecology; they are young and old (12 to 86 years), folksy and urbane, conservative and liberal. Whether they cook by necessity or passion, with old family standards or newfound discoveries, they all share a common love for culinary exploration and creating food that delights their families and friends.

This cookbook is not only a treasury of great recipes. It also contains wonderful stories about interesting lives and what drew each man to this complex little town that seems to reflect in its character both the peaceful hills and the turbulent ocean that border it. The special beauty of the place is clearly depicted in photographs by Craig Loud that grace nearly every page of “Men of Cambria Cook.” More than 400 riveting images of local landscapes, beautifully prepared food and the cooks themselves make this a page-turner that is fun just to curl up and read, even before you begin using the mouth-watering recipes.


Canvas Bag

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You'll find yourself reaching for this bag every time you walk out the door. Made from 100% cotton canvas, it's a very convenient and reliable option for carrying things to and from the market, gym, school or work. It’s generously sized at 15.5” high and 18.5” inches wide, providing ample room for all kinds of stuff. It has a distinctive watercolor of a colorful sunset imprinted on the front. Distributed by locally owned EcoSac of Cambria. 


Greenspace... So Far

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This delightful book was written by Greenspace board member, Wayne Attoe, and illustrated by long time board member, Arthur Van Rhyn, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the organization. It chronicles the history of Greenspace since it was founded in 1988.  It describes the many accomplishments of the organization since its inception through the combined efforts of board, staff and supporters. The book is 139 pages and is available in both paperback and hard cover. The hard cover edition is $100.


Baseball Cap

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The Greenspace baseball caps have long been a favorite with our supporters.They are made of 100% garment washed cotton twill and have a nice “broken-in” look and feel. They are both machine washable and dryable for easy care. The adjustable slide closure in the rear makes them one-size-fits-all. Available in green (pictured) or khaki. 


License Frame

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These four hole, durable plastic license plate frames are easy to attach and stay securely in place. Send drivers behind you benevolent wishes with the phrase “May the Forest be With You” in reflective lettering and maybe they’ll back off your bumper. Advertise the Greenspace web site instead of a car dealership.