History of Greenspace

coastal terrace along boardwalk

In 2018, we celebrate Greenspace’s 30th anniversary. What began as a local committee in 1988 and incorporated as a non-profit community land trust (501 (c) (3) corporation) in 1989 has grown into an organization with 1,000 active members and scores of environmental achievements. We have acquired and maintained over $2,000,000 in forested and riparian property in the Cambria area, including 17 preserves, pocket parks and natural areas. Greenspace has assisted in many other conservation purchase and easement agreements on San Luis Obispo County’s North Coast, including the establishment of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and the Agricultural Land Trust and State of California’s conservation easement on the Hearst Ranch at San Simeon.

Over the decades, we have expanded our conservation goals to include the protection of cultural resources and marine habitats. Strategic partnerships with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and The Archeological Conservancy helped save a Chinese temple and an 8,000-year-old Native American village site. In addition, Greenspace has been instrumental in developing both the Santa Rosa Creek Watershed Management Plan and the Cambria Forest Management Plan. Greenspace actively advocated for the historic CA Marine Life Protection Act to establish an ecosystem based network of Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) along the coast of California.  The top goal of the act was to “protect the natural diversity and abundance of marine life, and the structure, function, and integrity of marine ecosystems.”  The process resulted in the creation of the Cambria State Marine Park, where recreational fishing is allowed, and 28 other MPA’S  in the Central Coast area offering  various levels of protection.

Today, Greenspace continues to accept contributions of environmentally and culturally significant land. We carry out restoration projects on local creeks and in the Monterey pine forest. We provide field education programs for public schools and community symposia on critical environmental issues. In 2018, Greenspace looks forward to celebrating our 30th Anniversary!