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San Luis Obispo County's Agricultural History



The following documents are available for download at the bottom of the page as primary source material for better understanding the environmental issues that are critical to the SLO County North Coast area. They include public records of state agency reports and correspondence, Greenspace advocacy documents and resource management plans. Please feel free to use them for research. We only ask that you provide clear citations in any articles, correspondence, academic papers or publications. Thank you.

Cambria Forest

San Luis Obispo County. Proposed Lot Clearing Ordinance (2007)

Jones & Stokes, et al. Cambria Forest Management Plan (2002)

Jones & Stokes, et al. Organizational and Funding Options for the Implementation of the Cambria Forest Management Plan (2003)

The Nature Conservancy. Covell Ranch Conservation Easement (2000)

San Luis Obispo County. Capturing, Handling, Utilizing and Disposing of Infect Pine Material in SLO County (1998) 

North Coast Wildlife

American Fisheries Society. Steelhead Growth in Small Central CA Watersheds (2008)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. South Central Coast Steelhead Threats Assessment (2008)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Recovery Outline: South Central Coast Steelhead (2007)

Greenspace. Santa Rosa Creek Steelhead Habitat and Population Survey (2005)

United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Tidewater Goby Final Recovery Plan (2005)

United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Red Legged Frog Recovery Plan (2002)

Greenspace. Status of Declining Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish on Santa Rosa Creek (1991)

Santa Rosa Creek Watershed


Stillwater Sciences, Greenspace, Central Coast Salmon Enhancement, et al. Santa Rosa Creek Watershed Management Plan (2012)

Greenspace. SRC Watershed Geomorphology Assessment (2010)

Greenspace. Santa Rosa Creek Enhancement Plan (1993)