Our Programs



In 2015, Greenspace launched a new environmental education initiative with Santa Lucia Middle School in Cambria, funded by a generous grant from the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust. The program followed on several years of informal projects with young people in the schools. This field learning program was designed to bring sixth-grade children into our local watershed ecosystems—agriculture, creek, forest or beach—to learn about the way in which vital interconnections support healthy organisms in nature.  

Coastal Clean Up Day

ECOSLO beach cleanup


Each September, Greenspace volunteers join ECOSLO and groups all over the world to clean up our beaches. Last year, we helped clear 6,444 pounds of trash from San Luis Obispo County beaches! Globally, more than half a million people cleaned 18,399,900 pounds of trash from 14,997 miles of beaches. Coastal Cleanup is a great way to act locally while thinking globally. 

Please contact us for more information. If you would like to be a team captain next year, contact ECOSLO at info@ecoslo.org

Water Monitoring

coastal creeks


Since 2003, Greenspace staff and volunteers have been actively monitoring the water quality and condition of our local creeks. With funding from the Morrissey Family Foundation, we purchased state of the art YSI water monitoring equipment with probes for salinity, oxygenation, ORP, pH and other factors in order to get basic monthly readings from sites on Santa Rosa and San Simeon Creeks. These readings enable us to determine the basic condition of the creeks and whether conditions are hospitable to steelhead fish and their young fry.