Watershed Restoration & Monitoring

Watershed Restoration & Monitoring

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Cambria relies for its water on two major watersheds—Santa Rosa Creek and San Simeon Creek. The health of both are impacted by development, ranching and farming and management practices.

Greenspace has been instrumental in creek bank restoration, steelhead passage improvements and water monitoring. 

Currently, we are seeking grants from the California Fish and Wildlife Fish Restoration Grant Program to fund monitoring of steelhead food sources, lagoon health at the mouth of Santa Rosa Creek, in-stream flow monitoring and silt removal projects. We also are watching developments at the CCSD desalination plant for impacts on habitat and water quality at San Simeon Creek and Lagoon.  


Lower Santa Rosa Creek Enhancement Plan

The history of the Creek, explaining what we have done, the current projects, and future goals.

Santa Rosa Creek Watershed Management Plan

A page offering details of the plan including key figures, maps, reports, and meeting notes.




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