Forest Health

Forest Health


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Greenspace monitors the health of the Monterey pine and coastal live oak trees on all its forested properties. Presently, the entire Cambria forest is in critical need of care, as drought, infestations and possibly airborne pollutants are taking a fierce toll, particularly on the Monterey pines. The Cambria Forest Management Plan provides steps to improving the forest’s health, but to date has been implemented only in part by the Cambria CSD. In collaboration with the San Luis Obispo County Fire Safe Council, Cambria Forest Committee, Beautify Cambria, the Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and the Cambria Fire Department, we are currently planning and seeking funding for a major fuel hazard removal and healthy tree planting project to improve the safety and chances for survival of our local forest. We are also planning a defensible space and native plant protection seminar for the coming year. Please contact us for more information about these projects.

طرق ممتعة لربح المال Economic Value of Monterey Pines

While the real estate value of Cambria homes would undoubtedly plummet if a great number of trees was lost to development and disease, there is a potentially larger economic impact. Monterey pines are used for lumber in a number of southern hemisphere countries like New Zealand, Australia, Chile, and South Africa. But these trees are not native to those locales; the trees were initially imported to be grown in vast plantations that produce lumber there. That industry uses clones and/or hybrids to produce the most suitable trees for lumber production. Hybrid trees are more likely than native trees to die from diseases. If disease were to wipe out those plantation trees, where would new stock come from? There are only five stands of native Monterey pine remaining in the world: on two small islands off the west coast of Mexico, and in California at Santa Cruz, Monterey and Cambria. These few sites are where people would likely come to find genetic alternatives if clones used a half-world away were in jeopardy.


اسهم باسعار ممناسبة Action to Save Our Monterey Pine Forest

Organizations at all levels—local, state and national—are concerned about preserving Monterey pine forests. Even the the United Nations has taken a stand, calling it a ‘world genetic resource’ and an endangered species in a 1986 report of the Food and Agriculture organization. Greenspace’s own preservation efforts have taken a number of forms, outlined below. (It must be said, too, that Greenspace is monitoring developments related to Sudden Oak Death Syndrome—another pathogen affecting different kinds of trees. So far it has not been detected in San Luis Obispo County.)




خيار ثنائي الروبوت المتحرك Forest Acquisition

Perhaps our most notable acquisition is Strawberry Canyon, a pristine 21-acre woodland on Lodge Hill. It was purchased as four parcels with funds from the California Resources Agency, the California Coastal Conservancy, neighboring and nearby land owners, and other Greenspace supporters. Its trail is popular and not a very demanding walk.

Other scattered Pocket Parks similarly preserve trees and associated habitat, and sometimes provide places for neighbors to sit and enjoy a view.









 بنك سامبا تداول الاسهم Seedling Production

Recognizing that some trees seem to be resistant to pitch canker, Greenspace has collected seed from local trees that are asymptomatic.  Pine seedlings are propagated from these seeds in our greenhouse in San Simeon.  These seedlings are made available for purchase in one gallon containers to businesses, agencies and the general public.  For example, PG&E has purchased seedlings to mitigate for trees that needed to be removed during power line maintenance.  Private landowners have purchased seedlings to mitigate the removal of trees for home construction. And many people have purchased seedlings for their beauty and to help restore our forest. If you are interested in pine seedlings, contact the Greenspace office.




الخيارات الثنائية الكم Surveying for Pitch Canker

In 1996 Greenspace undertook a comprehensive survey of pitch canker in the entire urban forest of Cambria in order to plot the extent and location of the disease. For this we trained 40 members of the community to conduct the work. At about the same time Greenspace joined with the California Department of Forestry (CDF) to survey the rural forest lands surrounding Cambria. This comprehensive survey was funded by the CDF and the California Native Plant Society. In 1997 the report on pitch canker in the county was released at an Arbor Day Celebration hosted by the Cambria Forest Committee. The county was instrumental in making presentations and helping organize the event, particularly the Ag commissioners office and the planning office.




الخيارات الثنائية التداول القانونية في كندا Public Policy Action

Greenspace is a cofounder and past member of the statewide Pitch Canker Task Force, established in 1994 to formulate solutions to this introduced disease. In its work for the Task Force, Greenspace has established close working relationships with numerous state and local agencies, including the California Forest Pest Council, the official advisory council to the California Board of Forestry. The Pitch Canker Action Plan can be found on the CDF website. In 1998 Greenspace contracted for development of programs for capturing, handling, utilizing and disposing of infected pine material within the coastal pitch canker Zone of Infestation. This was funded by the California Department of Forestry and Fire. A copy of the report is available for review at the link below.  

Capturing, Handling, Utilizing, and Disposing of Infected Pine Material in SLO County

A hard-copy is available in the Greenspace office.

non farm payroll affect on forex Education of Lot Owners

Greenspace has mailed brochures to lot owners describing ways individuals can reduce the spread of pitch canker. We conducted public workshops with the same goal. Articles in The Cambrian newspaper underscored this effort, as did a display about pitch canker that was hosted by the San Luis Obispo Natural History Museum in Morro Bay and the Chamber of Commerce in Cambria. Education in Schools Greenspace sought to arouse awareness of disease and fire dangers to the forest by sponsoring several poster contests for students from Cambria 's grammar and middle schools. Winning posters were converted to more permanent signs and placed throughout the community.


التحليل المسائي لليورو Education in SchoolsSaveOurTrees

Greenspace sought to arouse awareness of disease and fire dangers to the forest by sponsoring several poster contests for students from Cambria's grammar and middle schools. Winning posters were converted to more permanent signs and placed throughout the community.


avdrag arbeta hemifrån Education of Landscape Workers

To educate those who annually clear lots for fire prevention, and remove trees, Greenspace has conducted workshops about recognizing and sparing native plants, and on how to reduce transmission of pitch canker by tools and pine material. We have also sent mailers to all lot owners describing these same measures. These efforts are supported by the SLO FireSafe Council, Cambria Forest Committee, California ReLeaf, The Nature Conservancy and the Cambria Fire Department. Forest Management Greenspace co-founded the Cambria Forest Committee which produced The Cambria Forest Management Plan which will provide needed direction in managing forest lands once it is funded and widely adopted.


توصيات علي الذهب Greenspace, the Cambria Land Trust 

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