Emergency Water Supply Project

Emergency Water Supply Project

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Press Room Links

Cambria, San Simeon services districts talk brine waste - The Cambrian May 2015
Cambria's Shock Doctrine - Sierra Club Jan 2015
Rift Over Water Treatment Plant - LA Times Nov 2014

Additional background information on Cambria water projects can be found at http://www.cambriawaterwatch.org/.

Responses to CCSD's Notice of Preparation for a Draft Environmental Impact Report

Coastal Commission Comments

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Greenspace Response 

Department of Fish and Wildlife Response April 2015
Fish and Wildlife Service Response April 2015
National Marine Fishery Service Response April 2015
Department of Parks and Recreation Response April 2015

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Cambria Community Service District (CCSD) 2014 Project Description

Cambria Emergency Water Supply Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) Jun 2014
Emergency Water Supply Title 22 Report Jul 2014
CCI Design & Build Contract Aug 2014
Emergency Water Supply Powerpoint presentation Jul 2014
Emergency Coastal Development Permit for CCSD Emergency Water Supply (EWS) Apr 2014
Additional background EWS documents  

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 Greenspace Comments

 Comments to CCSD RE: Emergency Water Supply Project IS/MND Jul 2014
 Historical Summary of Cambria Water Supply Projects Jul 2014
 Comments to Regional Water Quality Control Board Re: Title 22 Engineering Report Oct 2014
 Comments to CCSD Re: Tracer Test Jul 2014

تداول اسهم المزرعه

Agency Comments

Correspondence from CCRWQCB to CCSD re: Permitting & Regulatory Considerations  Jun 2014
SLO County Air Pollution Control District Comments  Jul 2014
CA Coastal Commission Comments  Jul 2014
CA Coastal Commission Questions & Concerns regarding EWS  Aug 2014
CA Coastal Commission Summary of Issues from 9/3/14 Interagency Mtg  Sep 2014
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Comments   Jul 2014
Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (CCRWQCB) Comments  Jul 2014
CA Department Water Resources Comments  Jul 2014
CA Dept of Fish & Wildlife Comments  Aug 2014
US Fish & WIldlife Services Comments  Jul 2014
CCRWQCB Correspondence to CCSD Re:EWS Liner System Design  Oct 2014
CCRWQCB to CCSD Notice of Incomplete Discharge Permit Application; Req for Information; Suggestion of Alternatives  Oct 2014


Community Comments

Salinan Comments Re: Cambria CSD Emergency Water Supply  Jul 2014
Bettenhausen Comments Re: Cambria CSD Emergency Water Supply  Jul 2014
Bettenhausen Comments Re: CDM Smith Title 22 Engineering Report  Aug 2014
Blank Comments Re: Cambria CSD Emergency Water Supply  Jul 2014
Brede Comments Re: CDM Smith Title 22 Engineering Report  Aug 2014

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