Critical Issues

Critical Issues


As the climate changes and population pressures increase, a number of critical issues are challenging even the peaceful town of Cambria and its surrounding watersheds.


اسعار الاسهم السعودية عند الاكتتاب  Forests


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Our forests are in massive decline, with 30% of the trees either dead or dying. We are researching and sponsoring studies to determine the causes while also growing healthy replacement seedlings and working with fire prevention organizations to reduce fuel hazards in environmentally responsible ways. Follow the links below for more information.

Vist our Forest Management page.

Proposed Lot Clearing Ordinance - CCSD and Fire Dept

Cambria Forest Management Plan

Capturing, Handling, Utilizing, and Disposing of Infected Pine Material in SLO County



موقع الاسهم الاماراتيه Water



Water is another issue facing the area, particularly as climate change appears to be causing a less reliable rainwater source. Greenspace advocates vigorously for conservation and adequate water reservoir systems. The community has opted for a desalination solution, which is creating problems for the health of the riparian and coastal area where the desal plant is located. See the Emergency Water Supply Project page for more detail.

موقع تداول بورصة الذهب Watershed
jobba hemifrån med sjukt barn SR-creek-water

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Cambria relies for its water on two major watersheds—Santa Rosa Creek and San Simeon Creek. The health of both are impacted by development, ranching and farming and management practices. Greenspace has been instrumental in creek bank restoration, steelhead passage improvements and water monitoring. Visit the Watershed Restoration page for details. اسعار السوق السعودي مباشر Local Economy

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Greenspace is looking ahead, toward the creation of a vibrant and sustainable local economy through healthy agricultural products and local art and craft creation. The growth of the Cambria Farmer’s Market, our Community Garden, new farm-to-table options such as Community Supported Agriculture, and Greenspace’s “Made in the Watershed” festival of local creativity are exciting developments for localizing our economy. سعر الذهب في السعودية Wildlife


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In addition to preserving forest habitat through land acquisition, Greenspace has been an advocate and contributor for the assessment and restoration of the ecosystems that define the North Coast of San Luis Obispo County for decades.  Projects include watershed restoration and monitoring, stream bank enhancement, fish migration barrier removals, Monterey pine and other tree seedling production, pitch canker assessment and sudden oak death monitoring.  Read our Past Projects page to find out more. 

Wildlife in Our Midst: Learning to Coexist. A commentary on how we interact with local wildlife, tips on wildlife safety and how we might change things for the better. 

forex i strömstad Marine Protection


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Bettenhausen


Greenspace actively supported the California Marine Life Protection Act,  a state law which set up an ecosystem based network of marine protected areas. Just like Yosemite or Yellowstone on land, the marine areas contain ecologically significant resources vital to protecting species. This effort resulted in the protection of waters adjacent to Pt. Piedras Blancas and White Rock, and the creation of the new Cambria State Marine Park.  See California Marine Life Protection Act Updated for more detail.







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